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the anticipation, the arrival, and the growing up…it all happens so fast

I started creating a first year collective membership because I know how quickly that sweet baby in your belly will grow and change in that first year. So many firsts that happen, the first kicks, the flakey skin, the drool, the smiles, the sitting up, the standing, the clapping, the running…I’m here to document every milestone!

I offer a lot of perks when you become a first year member. You get discounts on session fees, complimentary birth announcements, and a complimentary Motherhood session near Mother’s Day!

This family came to me for their photos with Santa when mom told me she was expecting her third baby and wanted to do a first year membership! And how sweet it is to watch not only baby Blake grow, but big sister and big brother too.

I have options to choose 3 sessions or 4 sessions to use throughout the year. You can use them whenever you wish! Some families do maternity, newborn and one year. Some families do newborn, sitting, and one year. It is totally up to you!

This family chose to do 4 sessions thought out the year. Newborn, 4 months, 8 months and one year. I always suggest that all family be included in the newborn session and one year session. I like for the other milestones to be more focused on the baby and mommy 🙂

The Newborn Session: in the studio

During the newborn session big brother and big sister had their traditional heirloom portraits taken. Which is a great add on to any newborn session with older siblings!

The 4 month session: in the studio. Blake and mom are both borrowing outfits from the client closet! A service I offer for all my sessions. I have a lot of options for moms and baby!

The 8 month session: in the studio

These outfits are also part of my client closet!

The one year session: at home 🙂 I loved that mom wanted to do his one year session at their home!

LOVE getting to watch your babies grow from behind my camera! It’s the best job ever!!!

So what’s the next step, what do you do with all these photos? Most families will either choose to create an heirloom album or a wall gallery with timeless framed fine art. For this first year collection, they have decided to create a beautiful wall gallery art to hang in their home so the whole family cherish these moments every single day!

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